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 The sword for the princess

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BeitragThema: The sword for the princess   So März 09, 2014 5:23 am

“I hope you honor me soon again”, were the last words from the merchant. I put the bottle with potion in my sack. It costed me 50 emeralds. That was a lot of money so I hoped it would comply its function. I ambled slowly through the market and watched other people. That day were many people in the towncentre, normally there are not half of the humans like then in town. So much to do and so less time, were my main thoughts today. I had to go to the castle. It was my job to bring the sword from my uncle to the princess until tomorrow. I only had my beautiful horse. Her name was Light. I called her like this because her coat is so bright and white that you could see her in the dark night. “Please, please help me.” A dirty old woman spoke to me. She looked poor and afraid, her voice was sad and her face had a despair on it which made me a little bit scared. “Please I need help. I don’t have any money and my children have to eat something.” She begged at me and her hands were fold. I felt sorry for her but I couldn’t do anything. There were hard times and everybody had to take care for himself. “I’m sorry old woman. I wish I could help you but I spent my whole money for a potion.” I could see the disappointment on her face. “It’s okay”, she said. “You’re a good boy.” Then she left me and went in a dark alley. Is she living there?, I asked myself. I stand a little bit more on one point before I left the town an went to my horse. I coated through her mane which shined in the sunlight. “You’re beautiful, do you know that?” Light snorted and saw on me with her big black eyes. “Oh, you want something to eat?” I went to the saddlebag and took a carrotte out of it. Light gulped it with pleasure until she leaked upon my face. “Girl, stop it you... that was the last food I have for you.” She neighed load and stared at me. “Hey, it’s your fault, okay? You eat so freaking much, don’t wonder when there is nothing more. Come on, we have to go to the castle.” I jumped on her back and she began to ride with top speed.

Finally I was there. Light was tired and I knew that she would need a break now. I smiled and jumped confident on the ground. “You have to stay here now. I will come back as fast as I can.” I stroked her a little bit before I went to the big castle. It was a really impressive building also it showed perfect the force of the royal family. The sword was attached on my back. Slowly I became nervous. I breathed deep air before I went through the big gate. “Hey, who are you little boy?” A big and muscular man came to me and examined me with a distrustful look. My heart began to bump the hell out of me and I started to sweat a bit. He was so much bigger than me, more then two metres, I was sure. “I... I have to bring this sword to the princess.” “To the princess? A sword? Alone? Are you serious? Why the hell were there no guards at the gate?!” “Oh, there were guards”, I said. “They let me in because they know about the order from the princess.” I prayed that he didn’t notice my extreme nervousness. “Hm... okay go to her”, he said a little bugged and left me alone. I stared after him until he was not there anymore. I sighed and went along to the room of the princess.

I was in the throne room. It was big and really magnificent. The floor was made with marble. It was possible to hear every single step. Carefully I went to the throne which the princess was sitting in. Severly she looked at me but she looked nice. When I stand right in front of her I made a bow. My heart bumped so much that I thought it could jump every second out of my body. The princess made a gesture and meant me to get up. “I’m glad you are here on time”, she said with a friendly smile. I stood upright in front of her. “I do have the sword here”, I said while I was taking the weapon of my body. “I have to thank you a lot. Give it to me please.” The princess stretched her hand out and I gave it to her. She drew it out of the sheath and viewed it closely. “Never have I seen such a good sword”, the princess said content. “The reputation of your uncle makes him all glory. It is better than I expected. Please tell him about my deep thank.” I nodded and was pretty glad that the princess was content with the work of my uncle. “Of course I will. My uncle will be pretty glad when he will hear about your words.” The princess smiled warm. “You can go now. I hope I will see you again with a good sword like this. Thank you very much that you took the job to bring me this weapon.” “You’re welcome.” I bowed again in front of her. “Goodbye”, were the last words I said to her before I left the castle. It worked better than I expected, I thought. My nervousness was for nothing. I smiled and rode back to my home.
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The sword for the princess
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